SWCC’s New Look

Active Neighbours • Healthy Community

Rationale for design of new Trailblazers logo

  • Combines flame and bison imagery in the icon
  • Uses a cool, earthy colour palette (navy, green and grey) that presents a bold and strong look
  • Text is kept angled and bold to convey the idea of moving forward, playing on the Trailblazer theme
  • Active – creates an obvious link to many of the programs available through South Winnipeg Trailblazers – and links well with the momentum of the name, Trailblazers
  • Neighbours – is friendly, builds on the sense of community and can help everyone in your catchment feel that they belong
  • Healthy – the outcome of being active
  • Community – the broader concept of all neighbours
  • Active Neighbours – this is the mission – what goes on every day
  • Healthy Community – this is the vision or the outcome – when you have active neighbours, you’re going to have a healthy community

A big thanks to Change Makers for helping make this possible.

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