Rally Cap (4-7 year old)

Rally Cap runs Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm at the two diamonds at Richmond Kings during the months of May and June.

Current Rally Cap Schedule

Baseball Canada launched its Rally Cap Program in 2006 in an attempt to improve players’ skills and keep children between four and seven coming back to the ballpark.

  • A modified version of baseball, Rally Cap features three teams of six players (+/- maximum of eight) playing at the same diamond for 75 minutes
  • Two teams play baseball in the infield while the third team practices skills in the outfield
  • After 20 minutes the teams rotate, and at the end of the night each team has played two 20-minute games and had one practice

SWCC Rally Cap Game Rules

Two thirds through the season a skills evaluation night will take place where the players ‘earn their caps’.

Click here for the Rally Cap Program Guide or click here to view the Baseball Manitoba Rally Cap information page.

Strong parent involvement is encouraged (YOU can DO IT!) to help keep the players engaged and developing.  It is suggested that each team have one or two coaches and two assistants however all parents are welcome and encouraged to come on the field to play.

Training is provided to those wishing to coach plus all coaches are supplied with skills and drills manuals as well as practice plans.  Click on the links below to view samples from the coaches Program manual

Just a reminder that all coaches/assistants must take the Respect in Sport course.
I strongly recommend every parent take it as if you plan on being involved with your child’s sport in any way you will be asked for it at some time.  It’s FREE, work at your own pace, and online https://sportmanitoba.respectgroupinc.com/


Players are given jerseys at the beginning of the season (which they keep)

  • All players are required to provide their own glove, hat  and/or water bottle
  • Baseball pants are not required for Rally Cap however players should wear sweat pants as they will be running on infield sand
  • It is strongly recommended that players supply their own batting helmet for proper fit and safety (however helmets will also be provided)
  • Proper footwear such as a good pair of runners with ankle support should be worn.  Cleats are not required
  • Foam bats, balls, bases and other equipment will be provided by the club

Note there is no ‘snack time’ in baseball.  It’s not fair to bring snacks for one team when two others are also on the field.  Also unlike other sports sticky fingers do not work well with gloves, bats or balls (or bees and wasps).

For current fees please see the Baseball Overview page.

To register for Baseball please go the the Spring Registration page

For more information about SWCC Rally Cap Baseball,
please contact Tony Staruch at baseball2@swcc1.ca

Let’s play ball!


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