Want to be a coach?

Want to be a coach?


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Learn how Byte Size Coaching can give you the tools you need to help you, your team & your players succeed, regardless of age!

Welcome Coaches:

With the assistance of the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and in conjunction with Tony Waiters World Of Soccer, we are introducing an annual age-specific, developmentally-appropriate curriculum for the Youth Soccer Coach. Each training session is laid out in clear and precise English, complete with easy to understand graphics and text.

Choose an age group from the menu on the left, from ages 4 through 18. Once inside your age group, your annual curriculum will appear. This is invaluable information you can use to prepare team practices throughout the season, resulting in players acquiring the skills necessary to increase their enjoyment of the game of soccer!

Please keep your password to yourselves as this is copyrighted material and not for coaches from other clubs.

Learn to play… play to learn!

To access Byte Size Coaching: 
please visit:  http://www.wysa.bytesizecoaching.com/
Use the following USERNAME and PASSWORD in order to access this program;
Username = seu Password = wysa

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