South Winnipeg Action Team (SWAT)

Nov 29, 2017

South Winnipeg Residents,

For the past number of year we have been working with the city towards a solution for the recreation deficit in South Winnipeg.
• Some progress was made in that the City has earmarked capital to acquire land.
• They had also approved funding for an RFP, whereby we would engage a consultant to do the required work to determine what the demand for recreation infrastructure is, along with a business model to operate them.
• We expected to get concept drawings and some cost indications that we could use to ask the Provincial and Federal governments to cost share in this program.
• Winnipeg South MP Terry Duguid has indicated to us that this is a key priority for him and would like to direct infrastructure funding for this project.

Unfortunately the RFP was never completed – that is another long story that I can explain another day.

Now we have learned in the proposed City of Winnipeg’s 2018 Operating Budget no money has been set aside for a Regional Recreation Facility for South Winnipeg in the coming year or for the next FIVE years.

It is time for the residents of South Winnipeg to speak loudly and clearly about the recreation infrastructure deficit that exists in South Winnipeg and the need for City Council to make this a priority.

Here is what we need you to do to help increase awareness and put this in the fore front of our municipal politicians:

i) We need a large group to attend the EPC meeting at City Hall on December 5 at 9:00 am. Chuck Davidson and I will be there representing SWAT and South Winnipeg Community Centre but we need South Winnipeg residents to join us. We will provide you with speaking notes so that we are all consistent in our messaging. Register to speak and attend the EPC meeting by calling the City Clerk. Talk to Carlos Gameiro at 204-986-6631, or email him at – he is expecting to hear from you as I told him there will be many people registering to speak on this topic. Mention that you are speaking about the lack of recreation infrastructure which is the same issue SWAT is talking about. He will schedule you in after Chuck and I speak. We would like to have hundreds of people in attendance to send a strong message to City Councillors and Mayor Bowman that is time for action for the residents of South Winnipeg. Let’s fill the chamber at City Hall. This is the most effective way to ensure the Mayor and the other City Councillors hear our message. If it would help to get busses to transport people, please let me know. We can arrange for that. Let me know how many people would talk this options ASAP – so we can arrange enough space.

ii) Get engaged in the process We are going to be sending out messages on Twitter in the coming days. Follow the SWAT twitter account and the South Winnipeg Community Centre account. We need to show thousands of retweets and this activity will go a long way to highlighting the importance of this issue for South Winnipeg residents. Mayor Bowman and Councillors will be tagged in these tweets – so every retweet and like will hit their ‘in box’ – and they will see significant traffic on this. Send an email to the mayor ( Let him know that the lack of recreation infrastructure in South Winnipeg is unacceptable. We need the mayor to show leadership on this issue. We will ask that you copy our MLAs Sarah Guillemard ( and Jon Reyes (, as well as Terry Duguid ( We expect to get generate some media coverage on this. Ask all your members to retweet any articles, and add comments to any news stories.

Finally, we are planning a meeting on Saturday, December 2 at 10:00 at South Winnipeg community centre located at 666 Silverstone (often called Silverstone or Richmond arena). We would like to get the group together to discuss all of this. We expect to have some media join us, so we can highlight the problem before the EPC meeting and therefore lead the media to be asking the right questions. We will encourage the media to talk to many of you to hear how many different people and organizations this impacts.

Please get the word out to your neighbours and friends as soon as possible. People can get registered for the meetings – it would be ideal if that happened this week. We need everyone in South Winnipeg to be part of this process, and rise up to demand the recreation assets that our tax dollars should be paying for. I realize this is a tight time line. But we have only recently had visibility on the budget and we are trying to pull everyone together quickly.


Nov 7, 2017

Please follow the link below to read the latest update posted on Janice Lukes web site (City Councillor for South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward) .

Request for $30M for South Winnipeg Recreation Complex

Feb 13, 2017

Update – Requests for Proposals (RFP) have now closed.

Received proposals are currently being evaluated by the SWAT team.

Planning Underway For Recreation Complex For South Winnipeg

Artist rendering of new Centre

Artist rendering of a similar site for Calgary

One of the biggest complaints long-time residents and newcomers moving to South Winnipeg have are the lack of recreational facilities in the area. But hopefully that may be a thing of the past.

Members of the South Winnipeg Community Centre recognized this recreation deficit more than 5 years ago and initiated discussions with the City of Winnipeg at that point in time. Today, we are pleased to share some good news with you. Excellent progress is being made on the development of a new community recreation campus for the residents of South Winnipeg!

Last November representatives from the South Winnipeg Community Centre (SWCC) and members of the South Winnipeg Action Team (SWAT) met with Mayor Brian Bowman and also successfully lobbied City Council to move forward the development of an integrated multi-use community campus in the expanding South Winnipeg area.

We are pleased to announce with the assistance of St. Norbert Councillor Janice Lukes, City Council unanimously approved $350,000 to support a planning process for the development of a recreation campus and a land planning process for South Winnipeg.

The South Winnipeg Community Centre led the formation of the South Winnipeg Action Team. SWAT is an umbrella organization representing 55,000+ residents and stakeholder organizations in South Winnipeg, focused on improving recreation infrastructure and services in South Winnipeg.

Representatives of SWAT include:

  • South Winnipeg Community Centre (Fort Richmond, Richmond West, Waverley Heights, Waverley West)
  • Manitoba Chinese Community Centre
  • Manitoba Islamic Association
  • Riel Advisory Group
  • Pembina Active Living 55+
  • South Pointe Residents Association
  • Richmond West Neighbourhood Association
  • Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association
  • Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association

It is clear there is a strong desire, interest and commitment to the pursuit of a showcase community recreation campus as the hub of a regional recreation delivery strategy in south Winnipeg.

The rationale for moving forward is simple as the population increase in South Winnipeg over the past decade has left residents without adequate recreational infrastructure In fact service levels were below the City’s established Recreation Leisure & Library Facilities (RLLF) policy before construction of Waverley West neighbourhoods even began more than five years ago.

Existing facilities are aging and are not adequate to meet the needs of the City’s most rapidly growing community. The recreation infrastructure deficit in South Winnipeg is equivalent to 3.5 traditional community centers in addition to required library, emergency services and transit investments.

Stakeholders believe that the realization of a regional campus facility will establish a framework to rationalize the delivery of recreational services in south Winnipeg and create a basis for undertaking targeted reinvestment at existing facilities.  This strategy also creates an opportunity to repurpose existing facilities or to redevelop them entirely so that the proceeds could be redirected to the overall service delivery project.

It is believed that developing a showcase regional campus as the hub of a coordinated approach for the entire community will meet the needs of the residents of South Winnipeg into the future as stakeholders believe the traditional community centre is no longer a viable strategy

The development of a regional recreation campus will achieve this by:

  • Pursuing synergies and cost savings with Pembina Trails School Division and through alignment of City investments in libraries transit and emergency services
  • Investigate opportunities to leverage a relationship YM/YWCA Manitoba
  • Reposition or redevelop existing recreation facilities (eg. Margaret Grant, existing CCs)
  • Lower overall construction costs through shared infrastructure and servicing investments
  • Take steps to establish a bold new vision for the delivery of recreation services that is current relevant and in line with service expectations
  • Drive the planning design development and operations together with SWAT

There is a still a significant amount of work required before a new regional recreation campus is a reality in South Winnipeg but stakeholders are committed to moving this important project to make it a reality.

In the coming year the following will take place to move this important project forward

  • Open Houses will be occurring this spring inviting the community to share thoughts and ideas on what a new recreation facility should contain
  • A conceptual plan will be developed on what the facility will contain and design details, along with an estimated cost of construction
  • A funding plan will be developed, seeking private and public funding from all levels of government
  • Ongoing discussions with the YM/YWCA, Pembina Trails School Division and City of Winnipeg will occur
  • Securing funding will be critical in determining the timeline of this project. Ideally construction of the project could occur between 2019-2020 if funding is secured within the next two years.

“Please Help Support a New Recreation Complex “

  • Attend upcoming Open Houses to offer your input. Details coming soon!
  • Please tell Provincial candidates that come to your door that a recreation complex for South Winnipeg is a priority.
  • Ask Provincial candidates for their funding commitment to a South Winnipeg Recreation Campus.

New Centre

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