Public Skating – Outdoor

2016/2017 Waverley & Richmond sites Outdoor Ice Schedule
The Waverley Heights outdoor rinks and the Richmond site outdoor rink and skating pad are open during the winter season from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.

Waverley Heights rinks 1 & 2 are still open.  Rink 3 is closed

The SWCC Richmond Kings outdoor rink is closed for the season

2017 Ryerson Outdoor Ice Schedule
The SWCC Ryerson Site’s outdoor rink is closed for the season

There will not be any team practices scheduled at the site therefore use of the rink is casual. Access to the washrooms will be available during operating hours only. Maintenance of the ice surface and dressing room availability will end on Friday, February 17th, 2017.

The use of a proper fitting CSA-approved hockey helmet with a mask is strongly recommend  for all age groups.

According to the Winnipeg Hockey Rules
SECTION H – COMPETITION – Game Postponements and Rescheduling
Rule 25A

No outdoor game or practice shall be played when the temperature is
colder than -25C or the windchill factor exceeds -28C, 2 hours up to and
including game time
. Verification for temperature will be made by calling

Environment Canada (204-983-2050) to obtain the ‘Airport’ Temperature.


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