Mini Soccer 5-6 and 7-8

Mini Soccer – Outdoor 2018

***Outdoor Registration MARCH 1st to MARCH 31st, 2018***

Mini Soccer is a wonderful introduction to the game of soccer for our kids. As we have a league for 4’s alone, 5&6 year olds and 7&8 year-olds, for many this will be the first organized sport they have ever played. As a community we strive to make this first experience rewarding. All mini soccer games for ages four to eight are played on fields in our community (Ryerson, Waverley Heights, Kirkbridge, Bridgewater, South Pointe, St.Norbert, and potentially others). Games are played in the early evening Monday through Thursday beginning in May, weather dependent until the end of June.


This years summer carnival and mini tournament will be held on June 9th. Schedule of times and locations to be released at a later date. The tournament is considered part of their program, so please plan to be in attendance. Details to follow…..

*Please read League Overview and Team Formation information below for age specific information and friend requests.

Age Groups are defined as shown in this table:

Born In Age Group
2010 8 year olds
2011 7 year olds
2012 6 year olds
2013 5 year olds
2014 4 year olds

2018 Outdoor Soccer Fees
U4 – $90 (4 year olds) play on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00

U5-U6 – $90 (5-6 year-olds) play on Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:00

U7-U8 – $90 (7 & 8 year-olds) play on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00

**7-8 year olds will be gender split.

* Volunteer parents coach each team. Parents are encouraged to sign-up to help coach, no soccer experience necessary. We are always in need of parents willing to help out.
Online Registration
Click here to go to the online registration page.  If paying by cheque please make out to ‘South Winnipeg Community Centre‘ or ‘SWCC‘ and contact the age convener to arrange drop off.

$ 25.00 cancellation fee for all cancellation requests made before April 15
Registration refunds will not be issued after April 15. 

League Overview for 2018:
* The mini soccer season is tentatively beginning the week of May 1st and ending tentatively on, June 24th , with a tournament and Jamboree on June 9th.
* All games are played during the weekday evenings at 6 pm. with each team playing twice per week
* All sessions start at 6 pm:  all teams practice for 25 minutes, a quick water break, followed by a 25 minute game, then leave 5-10 minutes for a snack/celebration of Player of the Game,… ending by 7 pm.

*Team Formation

All 4 year old,  5/6 and 7/8 teams are created under the following parameters in order of importance:

  1. Siblings are placed on the same team (unless caregivers request otherwise). Please identify siblings at time of registration.
  2. Teams are balanced according to the age of players (and skill level as known by the organisers).
  3. The head coach and one assistant coach’s children are placed on the same team with the condition that it does not interfere with the second condition.
  4. One reciprocalfriend request is allowed with the condition that it does not interfere with the second condition (the priority is to create balanced teams).

Please Note:  Reciprocal request means friends must request each other to avoid “chain requests” (ie. Tim requests Nick who requests John who requests Mary who requests Tim).

Friend requests should be made during the registration process, and we will do our best to accommodate all requests, however due to the number of players (400 last year!) and the requirement of creating balanced teams we may not be able to honour all requests.  Email requests will not be accepted due to the volume of players involved.

*Please note that attempts will be made to place player with others from their smaller catchments, while also scheduling games as close to smaller catchment as possible for ages 4-6. Due to the sear number of players, this will not always be possible and we therefore cannot guarantee exactly where your child plays (but still within SWCC). For ages 7/8, they will play at all, or most, fields within the SWCC community. If you would like to volunteer to assist as a league convenor to assist with team formation and scheduling, please email league directors or

* All players are required to wear shin guards and are recommended to play in soccer shoes and shorts. Children playing in the U4 to U6 categories will use a jersey from Tim Hortons.
* Fair play: All children playing Mini Soccer are given the opportunity to play an equal portion of the game regardless of their ability. Coaches will make every effort to ensure all players are given equal opportunity to play.
Parents should bring water for their child to drink during the game, especially with hot days in the summer.
* Everyone…players, coaches & parents…need to observe the spirit of fair play and good conduct. FUN is the operative word in Mini Soccer!
* We end the season with a team medallion presentation for all players and a big soccer Jamboree held at the WHCC site. (BBQ, bouncers, games, face painting, silent auction, evening family social, etc…)

Soccer for 4 Year Olds and for 5 & 6 Year-Olds (Both are Timbits)
Everyone has fun at this level!!! These leagues are designed to provide all players with lots of opportunity to touch the ball in a positive environment. They are designed to expose young children to the basics of dribbling, passing and shooting. This level of Mini Soccer is played on a small field with no goalies and only 3 players from each team per shift. Teams will be divided by experience/skill level to play the games so that all children will play against their appropriate level. Teams are made up of 10-12 players (mixed boys and girls.

Children of these ages will be part of the Tim Horton’s sponsored soccer program in which Tim Horton’s provides a soccer jersey to be used for the season, shorts and soccer socks.

* Field of play for U4’s and U5-U6 will be at Ryerson School, Kirkbridge, WHCC, St.Norbert, Bridgewater, South Pointe and potentially another site still to be designated.

Soccer for 7 & 8 Year-Olds
Soccer emphasizes skill development, personal growth and fun. Basic soccer techniques are developed as well as introducing team skills. Teams play 5 on 5 on larger, lined fields. All players will receive a Timbits soccer jersey for the season, shorts and socks.  Medals will be presented at the end of the year. Teams will be gender split into boys and girls teams, made of 10 players.

*Field of play for U7 and U8 will be at Ryerson School, St.Norbert CC, WHCC and another site still to be designated (likely South Pointe).

Safety / Hygiene Issues:
* All players are required to bring their uniforms and wear their shin guards to each practice/game. Soccer shoes, socks and shorts are recommended, weather permitting, of course!
* Bring or pre-administer mosquito repellent, suntan lotion as necessary and a water bottle of some sort. Please do not bring glass containers to the field.
* The players should cannot wear jewelry.
* The players should visit the bathroom before coming to the park, for there are limited facilities at the fields.
* Pet attendance is discouraged but if required please ensure they are leashed and cleaned up after.

* Parents and Guardians are responsible for medical issues. Coaches and League administrators are not responsible for children’s medical conditions. In case of an injury requiring emergency response, a team official will use 911 if parent or guardian is not immediately present. Your child’s medical information, which was collected, will be made available to the appropriate facility if necessary by the league convenor.

Parents Conduct:
We ask that you help make this a rewarding experience for all the children by:
* Supporting all players, coaches and volunteers
* Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from the sport
* When a disagreement arises be respectful and calm

* At least 1 parent needs to attend the games and stay for the duration.

Player Conduct:
We encourage your child to:
* Play by the rules
* Control their temper
* Show respect for both coaches, other team members and their opposition
* Remember that winning is not everything
* Participate

Weather Policy

Soccer convenor will cancel games by 5pm if weather does not look favorable for playing conditions. An email will be sent to coaches on or before this time. Coaches are to then contact their teams.
Lightning in the vicinity is cause for immediate cancellation, at any point in the evening.

Please listen to CJOB Sports News at 3:55PM, 4:25PM., 4:55PM and 5:25PM for city and district cancellation announcements. All Mini Soccer games are cancelled when city games are cancelled.


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