Waverley Heights Centre

The Waverley Heights clubhouse at 1885 Chancellor Drive hosts a large social hall, club office, three outdoor hockey rinks, two baseball diamonds (WV1 north and WV2 south), batting cage and a soccer pitch.  The club also hosts the birthday parties, the local cub scouts, early child family center and an annual summer carnival.

Richmond Kings Centre

The Richmond Kings clubhouse at 666 Silverstone Avenue is the site for the club office, canteen, indoor ice arena.  There club contains the large main floor banquet or the smaller upstairs hall which hosts the clubs programs such as dance, pilates, karate and Zumba! The club grounds include a public skating and hockey rink, two baseball diamonds (RK1 West and RK2 East), batting cage plus a mini soccer pitch on the east side.


Kirkbridge park is the site for two baseball diamonds, as well as a soccer pitch and mini soccer.  On the east side there is parking off Marrington Road for the 13U to 15U  baseball diamond.  There is also a parking lot on the west side at the corner of Sandusky Drive and Bairdmore Boulevard adjacent to the mini soccer pitch and the 15U to 18U baseball diamond.  The main soccer pitch is in the middle of the park.

Chancellor School

There is one baseball diamond located at Chancellor school.

Bairdmore Park

Bairdmore Park contains two Softball diamonds (large and small) and a soccer pitch.

Arthur A. Leach Park

Arthur A. Leach Park contains two softball diamonds (east and west).

Bridgewater Forest

There is a parking lot off of North Town Road to server the new 15U – 18U baseball diamond.

Kings Park

Down the road on Kings Drive is the softball diamond (KP1) located at the edge of Kings Park.  Adjacent to the diamond on the east side is the Kings Park soccer pitch.

Acadia Jr High School

The Acadia soccer pitch is located behind Acadia Jr High School on Killarney Avenue.

Ryerson Elementary School

Mini Soccer is run at the soccer pitch at Ryerson Elementary School at the corner of Dalhousie Drive and Ryerson Avenue. Located behind the school is the Ryerson clubhouse situated between the two outdoor hockey rinks.  There are two softball diamonds on the west side of the grounds.

Alex Bridge Park

RKCC also maintains the Alex Bridge softball diamond and soccer pitch located to the south behind Margaret Grant Pool.


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