Soccer – u9-u18 (Indoor Winter)

South Winnipeg’s Indoor Soccer program is the Recreational Soccer program provided by Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) through the Winnipeg South End United (WSEU) soccer club. It is available to all youth from 9 to 18 year’s old living in the South Winnipeg Community Center (SWCC) catchment area. The program focuses on physical activity, building soccer skills and above all, having fun!

  • U9-U18 will start their season in early October and ends in March just prior to spring break. All games are played indoors at a variety of locations, including Subway Soccer South(U of M), Winnipeg Soccer Federation North, and U of W Health & RecPlex

South Winnipeg Community Centre and the St. Norbert Community Centre work closely together to “blend” their soccer program. Once you register in your catchment area, the conveners of these two community centres work together to form teams from the two districts. The majority of our registered players will be hosted by one of these two community centres. In rare cases, your child may be transferred outside of these three catchment areas if they are late to register and the teams are at their max capacity. It works as followed:

We are taking the lottery aspect out of the selection process when we are confronted with the unenviable job of selecting players to be transferred out of South Winnipeg/St.Norbert to a team at another community centre. U9 to U12 teams are restricted to a maximum team size of 14 players and U13 to U18 teams are restricted to a maximum team size of 18 players. Therefore, when we have more players registered than our roster permits, we do our best to find a team as close to these catchments as possible for the player.

The method used to decide which players are to be transferred will be:

* Registrations from players who live outside of the boundaries of the SWCC/SNCC community are the first to be transferred out, then;

* As all registrations are time stamped, registrants will be ranked from earliest registration time (date AND time) to latest. The number of registrants required to transfer will be selected from the latest registrant and up until the required number is reached.

*  Coaches kids and kids of the SWCC/SNCC Organizing Committee are exempt from being transferred out of the area.

If you have been notified that your child will not be playing on a SWCC/SNCC hosted team (ie. will be transferred to another community centre) you then have the following options:

1. You may allow your child to be transferred to another community centre to play soccer.

2. If you don’t want your child transferred out, you must then submit a written request to the Director of Soccer for de-registration and refund. A refund of the fees you have paid less:

a)     25$ Cancellation fee applies to all registrations cancelled on or before September 30th.

b)     Registration refunds will not be issued after September 30th due to team fees having been paid to other associations.

Emphasis on Coaching:

Coaching is critical to both the development and enjoyment for our young soccer players. Being a soccer coach, does NOT require soccer experience. Please consider becoming a coach. There are coaching certificate courses that are available to you, to help you gain experience and information. These courses are NOT mandatory, but you are encouraged to take part! Respect in Sport, an online course that you can do from the comfort of your own home, is required to coach. Child abuse/Criminal Record checks are also required, but all fees associated with these checks are fully reimbursed by the WSEU.

South Winnipeg Soccer will help give you the tools to help you give your child(ren) and their friends a great soccer experience. We:

*  Reimburse you for taking the two-day Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Community Coach Youth Certification course, ideal for those coaching U9 to U12 teams. There are two dates for this course: TBA.

*  Reimburse you for taking the two-day Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Community Coach Senior Certification course, ideal for those coaching U13 to U18 teams. There are two dates for this course: TBA.

We realize taking two days or a whole weekend is a huge commitment on the part of those who do it. To reward Coaches for taking the time to work with the kids and to learn how to better coach kids, we are offering the following rebates:

*  Any parent taking the CSA Community Coach Youth Certification course will receive the $75 reimbursement for the cost of the course.

*  Any parent taking the CSA Community Coach Senior Certification course will receive the $100 reimbursement for the cost of the course.

To those of us who have coached or are still coaching realize that it is a tremendously rewarding experience. It is made that much better when you have the tools and confidence to really deliver value to the kids. So get certified and join us this year!

*  We are obligated by both leagues in which we play to offer balanced, even teams when we have more than one team at an age group. In order to accomplish this, we do NOT take requests to play with friends. The area of Online Registration for requesting a friend to play with is for Mini Soccer only.

Age Groups
Age Groups are defined by birth year, rather than the child’s actual age.
For example U9 refers to players who will turn 9 in the current calendar year (between Jan 1 and Dec 31).

Each age group is kept separate. There will not be a “combined” 12-and-13 team (the exception is 17/18 are often combined due to low registration numbers).

Each age group is separated by gender, so there are girls teams and boys teams; there are no co-ed teams.

If your child is not born in one of the years indicated they are not eligible for the Outdoor Soccer program. Younger children (aged 4 –  can register in our Outdoor Mini Soccer program but must be 4 years old by April 30. Unfortunately SWCC does not provide soccer programming for children under 4 years of age or for adults.

The schedule is put together by Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) once all city-wide registrations are complete. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a specific schedule of games and practices until close to the season start.

Girls typically play on Saturdays, with one practice scheduled throughout the week
Boys typically play on Sundays, with one practice scheduled throughout the week.

Additionally – weekend day games may happen sporadically to fit to the season, particularly around play off time.

Game times and locations will be published with the schedule prior to the start of the season.

The fees for the INDOOR SEASON 2017/2018 season are as follows:

  • U9-U18 – $390.00 plus 32$ jersey kit fee. – indoor cleats provided by parent

If you are a returning south Winnipeg player from OUTOOR 2017 and have a jersey (blue jersey with white sleeves) that still fits, you DO NOT need to purchase a new kit. You only need to buy a jersey kit if you are a new player or if your jersey no longer fits or is damaged.  Jersey kits included a blue numbered jersey, black shorts and black soccer socks!

To register online (August 22 to September 15, 2017) please visit

For more information on Outdoor Soccer or Indoor Soccer please contact:

Jaime Webster
Have a great season!


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