Planning a Wedding Social?


Planning a wedding social? The SWCC is ready to meet your needs! If you know the date, call us first. We always are taking bookings anywhere from six to sixteen months in advance. You can also check out our online calendar to see our available dates.

Our Waverley Site:

Situated at 1885 Chancellor Drive, we are the perfect venue with the great location – close to the main routes of Pembina Highway, Waverley Street and Bishop Grandin Boulevard.

We have an air-conditioned facility with a hall capacity of 378. Our bar/kitchen area has roll-top window access to the main hall. In addition, our kitchen facility offers convenient access to multiple refrigeration units, a microwave, a stove, and lots of counter space – perfect for when you are preparing your late-night buffet.

The cost to rent our main hall is an inclusive fee of $1,825.00 (plus GST) for either a Friday or Saturday night.  For special event dates like New Years’ Eve, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day, the cost is $2,400.00 (plus GST).

The Rental Fee includes the following:

  • Set-up and take-down of tables and chairs
  • Clean-up (washing of tables and mopping of floors)
  • Three bartenders (depending upon the size of the social)
  • Corkage, 14oz and 7oz Cups and Ice
  • The use of unlimited drink mixes (including Pepsi products, Clamato, Tabasco & Worcestershire sauces, Tonic Water, Club Soda and Cranberry and Orange Juices)
  • Coffee, to-go cups with lids, stirs sticks, sugar/Splenda and creamers/Coffeemate
  • Use of two cash boxes for the front door and ticket selling locations


A $300.00 damage deposit is required to secure your requested date.  This $300.00 also serves as a security deposit for your social date.  In the event that you cancel your social within 90 days of the event, South Winnipeg Community Centre will not refund the deposit.

On the night of the social a payment by credit card, debit, certified cheque, cash or money order must be made for the full amount.

Regular Friday or Saturday socials: $1,825.00 + 91.25 (GST) = $1,916.25
Special Event Social Dates: $2,400.00 + 120.00 (GST) = $2,520.00.

We will refund you the sum of $300.00 by mail the following 10 business days should no damage occur. In the event damage has occurred, a SWCC General Manager will notify the renter.

Please call us at (204) 269-7000 with any questions you may have or to see if your date is still available.

Thank you for considering our facility for your special occasion!


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