Baseball Policies

SWCC Age-Advancement of Players Policy

South Winnipeg Community Club Baseball (SWCC Baseball) believes that it is normally in the best interest of young athletes to play in their age-appropriate divisions. Safety is our primary concern but even if young players have the physical skills to play safely with older children, many lack the emotional or social maturity to do so successfully. We believe it is always desirable for young athletes to succeed to the best of their abilities, and that they are much more likely to do so playing with peers than with older athletes.

We recognize, however that there may be extraordinary circumstances in which it may be preferable for children to age advance to the next age level. In such cases we will entertain a petition from players and parents to do so. Such requests must be approved by SWCC Baseball on a case by case basis. Permission will not be granted if, based on pre-season skills assessments, it is agreed that there may be significantly greater risk of injury for the child, playing with older children.

Age-Advancement is granted more often between the younger age divisions, specifically from Rally Cap to Rookie or from Rookie to Mosquito. Requests will be considered only if the player has at least one season of experience in organized baseball, and is not more than one year younger than other players in the division to which advancement is requested. Any under-aged player moving up to Mosquito from Rookie will be eligible to play only on a Mosquito A team. We do not believe it is appropriate for under aged players to usurp AA positions from kids of standard age for that division.

Unlike the difference between Rookie and Mosquito, all older age division play under similar rules. As youth advance into their “teens” they vary greatly in size and strength through Peewee and Bantam years, exacerbating concerns about safety and social maturity. In the unlikely event that such a request is granted the age-advancing player will be require to play on a A team in the more senior age division

SWCC Minor Baseball Fair Play Policy

South Winnipeg Community Club Baseball believes in and enforces a fair play policy for all its teams. This policy is based on the assumption that every player is entitled to a fair and equitable amount of playing time over the course of the regular season, and has the opportunity to develop skills at various positions.

Because all players normally play in all innings at the Rally Cap and Rookie Age divisions, no special fair play policies are required for these age groups. A strict interpretation of this policy will apply to all teams in the Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam Age divisions. Under this policy, all players who attend practices and games, work hard, display good sportsmanship and conduct themselves according to the SWCC Player Code of Conduct and Responsibilities (COC) are guaranteed fair treatment over the course of the season. This fair play policy applies to A and AA teams at all age levels with the exception of 18U AA.

Fair and Equitable playing time means that all players will be required to sit approximately the same number of innings. Approximately means that no player shall sit more than 10% (rounded up to a complete inning) above the average number of innings sat by all players on the team. Similarly no player shall sit less than 90% (rounded down to a complete inning) of the average number of innings sat by all players on the team. To be considered to have “sat” an inning, a player must have been present, healthy, and available for play (i.e. if the player is absent from a game, he/she is not considered to have “sat” for that game).

Coaches are permitted under this policy to sit a player for part of a game, to enforce discipline in the event that an athlete does not meet the obligations set forth in the player COC. The player is not considered to be available to play for those innings, so the innings will not be included in the “sat” total.

Coaches are required to hold a team meeting with parents and players at the beginning of the season to discuss this policy and the player COC, and to describe the discipline rules that will apply over the course of the season. In the event of a disagreement over these rules, the SWCC Baseball Convener shall help resolve the dispute.

SWCC Baseball grants coaches the prerogative to alter sitting time for individual players during the playoffs. Although this prerogative is granted, SWCC Baseball encourages its coaches to strive for equal playing time for all players through a playoff series. Prior to the playoffs, coaches should discuss with players and parents what exemptions, if any, will apply to this policy for each level of playoffs.

For the purpose of honoring this policy, coaches (or their designate) are required to track the number of innings sat by each player at all regular season and tournament games which take place before regional playoffs. Coaches are required to track this information and have the records available to the SWCC Baseball Convener or to any player or player parent upon written request.

Policy revised March 1, 2015

Baseball has some complicated rules regarding the number of innings that a player can pitch, shortened games. Substitution of players and injury substitutions that will affect the application of this policy in any single game. The intent of SWCC Baseball is that this policy will be applied over the course of the season.

SWCC Baseball recognizes that playoffs are another season. Players will have a fair opportunity during the regular season to develop and display their skills in a variety of positions and places in the batting order. During the playoffs it is acceptable for coaches to assign players to one or two positions that the players have demonstrated the ability to play successfully, and to establish a batting order at the discretion of the coach. Even in circumstances where coaches, players and parents have agreed that equal playing time is no to apply during the playoffs, it is the policy of SWCC baseball that every player should have a opportunity to play at least one inning at each game they attend. The only exception is where a player must be kept available to avoid the possibility of the team be disqualified for being unable to field nine players in the event of an injury or ejection.

SWCC Baseball recognizes that at the Midget and Junior age divisions, positional specialization has occurred and the strict application of this policy cannot be applied but rather the spirit of this policy is to be applied.

SWCC Minor Baseball A and AA Player Transfer Policy

Winnipeg South Minor Baseball Association (WSMBA), of which South Winnipeg Community Club Baseball (SWCC Baseball) is a member community club, has established a policy to govern transfers of WSMBA AAA players to other area associations. The policy below respecting transfers of A and AA players within and between area associations is supplemental to that AAA policy and is consistent with practices outline in the WSMBA bylaws.

WSMBA operates under the following rule with respect to transfers from one club to another A player or players requesting transfer from one community club team to another community club shall submit the request in writing with an explanation to the team officials of the team from which the player wishes to transfer and the community club of residence prior to submission to the Division Convener of WSMBA. The Division Convener shall forward written releases from the team officials of the team from which the player wishes to transfer and the Convener of the Community Club for final decision. (Team officials. Parents and Conveners of the Community clubs will discourage the transfer of players from one community club to the next community club except where unusual circumstances exist).

The spirit and tradition of this rule is that the community club of residence (SWCC Baseball) has the right to deny any transfer request, particularly when the transfer might result in a disadvantage to the team that the applicant player is leaving. For players at all levels, the fundamental right to a player is held by the community club in the player’s area of residence. SWCC Baseball will not grant transfer requests in cases where SWCC Baseball teams need the participation of the applicant player to be viable. In general, viable shall be defined as a minimum of 12 able players at the onset of the season.

While SWCC Baseball supports the principle that individuals should play at levels commensurate with their ability, it is equally important to operate our programs for the benefit of all community clubs and residents within our area and to avoid the loss of needed players to teams outside their area of residence. With this in mind, SWCC Baseball may, at its sole discretion, approve a written request for a player transfer as per below:

a) Within WSMBA – By agreement of a player and any two community clubs, a player may be transferred from one club to another for a single season, provided that the process mandated in WSMBA rule (above) is followed.

b) Between Area Associations – If a player wishes to transfer to a club in another area association (e.g. St James, Red River Valley, etc…) the player must first obtain written approval from SWCC Baseball to do so. Second, SWCC Baseball must inform the other clubs in WSMBA through the WSMBA board of directors, of the players desire to switch associations. WSMBA Clubs will then have 48 hours from the time of notice to object to the transfer. Objections can only be lodged on the basis of demonstrable need for a player of the same age and skill level (A or AA) as the player requesting the transfer. A final decision on whether to allow the transfer from WSMBA to another area association must be made by the Executive Committee of the WSMBA.

Notwithstanding any rule by MBA or by any other applicable league to the contrary, any release given by WSMBA shall only be for the current playing year that the release is given.

If a player receives permission to transfer from WSMBA to another area association he/she must ensure that a completed MBA player transfer form is provided to the President of WSMBA for completion and signature.

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