9U Grand Slam Baseball

Baseball Canada is in the process of changing to the Grand Slam program.

Grand SlamBaseball Canada and Baseball Manitoba 9U program is the Grand Slam program.

  • Played on Monday and Wednesday (and possibly Sunday) nights in May and June
  • Ideal is a one game to two practice ratio to focus on skill developement as recommended by Baseball Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Program
  • The program is designed to create smaller teams with 6 (max 8) players in each infield position (pitcher, catcher, first, second, third and short stop – no outfield)
  • The inning is considered complete when all batters have come to the plate (maximum 8 batters)
  • Each batter will receive a standard baseball count  (4 balls or 3 strikes) from the pitcher (pitching machine or coach).  If either a walk or a strikeout occurs a tee is brought to home plate and the batter hits off the tee.  The purpose is it to put the ball in play.
  • Defensive outs are not tallied as all batters bat each inning, but players that are put out must return to their dugout
  • Base runners do not advance on overthrows
  • No bunting or stealing
  • All games will start at 6:45. The game has a time limit of 1 hour
  • Coaches are permitted to be in the field of play for organizational purposes. A coach behind the umpire would be beneficial, (to speed the game up), as there are many past-balls at this level
  • Defensive changes are unlimited. Coaches are encouraged to have their players play a different position in each inning of play. Players may change every batter if preferred (with the exception of the catcher)
  • No league standings are kept
  • The Grand Slam Jamboree (Tourney) will be held in June (date and location TBD)



Equipment Needed:

  • Cleats or runners with good ankle support and good grip
  • A glove that fits the player properly
  • Good fitting batting helmet with chin strap
  • Grey baseball pants (grey sweats are ok)

Supplied Equipment:

A team jersey and baseball cap is supplied by the club (jerseys to be returned at the end of the season).

The club will supply the coach with all game equipment (bats, bases, catchers gear, practice balls, etc).  Personal bats etc. must meet league rules.

In both Rally Cap and Grand Slam programs the focus is on introducing and learning the game of baseball in a non-competitive environment.


Three coaches per team is strongly recommended.  At least one coach should be certified.  For parents wishing to take the initiation coach the course the cost will be covered by the club.  Each team gets a coaches package which includes a full practice manual (Click on the example below).








WSMBA Free Clinics

All 9U Grans Slam players are encouraged to take advantage of the free pre-season clinic offered by Winnipeg South Minor Baseball on Thursday, March 30 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  After registering with the club please visit theWSMBA web page to sign up for one of the offered clinics.  Registration for clinic is open but does have limited space.


For more information please contact Tony Staruch at baseball@swcc1.ca

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